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Here is a recent successful health crowdfunded campaign that shares stories of vegan athletes through a riveting documentary web-series. The aim of the campaign and film is to show how athletes train and also keep a vegan lifestyle. Even though athletes do have one of the most rigorous and demanding nutritional needs in the world, the documentary series entitled, Day in the Life, shows the audience that the vegan lifestyle is possible.

The campaign and documentary, created by vegan activists Matt Ruscingo and Sasha Perry, surpassed their funding goal and collected a total of $3,880 in 30 days on Kickstarter. There were a total of 85 enthusiastic backers that contributed to this campaign.

I recently spoke with Matt Ruscigno and this is what he had to say about his campaign, “I’m a Registered Dietitian and my good friend Sasha Perry is a filmmaker. One day we were talking about how crazy some of our friends are: we know a number of vegan athletes who aren’t typical athletes or typical vegans. We thought, why not combine our passion about veganism with our professional lives and show the world what’s possible in our own unique way?”

When asked about why Ruscigno chose crowdfunding for this health project, he stated, “First we started making videos. In order for people to buy-in you have to show you can do it! We had so much interest in the documentary episodes we decided to crowd source to continue the process. It also lets people invest (not just literally with money) in your project. And we made very unique rewards- one of a kind screen printed posters and t-shirts only available by donating.”

Ruscigno also offer’s great advice for others out there pursuing a health project through crowdfunding, “My advice for anyone crowdfunding: you have to believe in every aspect of your project. Then people will believe in you. There’s no half-way. Also, with so many businesses using it now, there’s a lot of noise and your project really has to stand out to be seen. Be ready to promote well and often!”

Ruscigno and his team had a successful health documentary crowdfunded. It is possible to let any passionate idea grow into a great and meaningful project through crowdfunding. Day in the Life has definitely shown that it is possible.


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